Actively-stabilised rocketry


As part of the final year of my undergraduate engineering degree at Cambridge in the academic year 2006-2007, I am undertaking a project to build an actively-stabilised model rocket. The vehicle I am working on is "Kestrel", a lunar-lander-style rocket designed for very low-altitude flights (around 1.5m/5ft) on long-burning motors with cold gas thrusters for attitude control.

Kestrel's airframe

My project is supervised by Dr Hugh Hunt from Cambridge University Engineering Department and Professor Chris Bishop from Microsoft Research. I am indebted to them and to many others for their advice and assistance during this project.

I could not have undertaken the project without the generosity of Microsoft Research in sponsoring me. I am also very grateful to for donating the gas cartridges I am using.


More information about flights, successful or unsuccessful (!), will appear here in due course.

Technical information


Other actively-stabilised rocketry projects

If you know of any other such projects, I would be very interested to hear about them - please let me know!